Wednesday, December 3, 2008

St. Nicholas Day

Do you celebrate this day where you live? I still have to prepare and hope to do a bit more on the spiritual side this year. The kids are at a great age to understand. We do stockings here and the kids get small gifts, candy, etc. What do you do?


Grace said...

When my girls' were little, we did the whole Santa thing; but, never honored St, Nicholas Feast. Now that we are older and are praying & striving to grow in The Faith, we try to get to mass - but, cannot find a Latin Mass - so we have gone to the Ukrainian Catholic Church the past few years, as they honor St. Nicholas as Patron! I hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

The above comment is actually from me, Adrienne, as grace & I are working out the 'bugs' of our newly combined members' accounts. Sorry. Grace is my daughter. God Bless!