Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Happy Place. A recommendation

I bought something for myself that I have anticipated for quite awhile. I need to preface this by saying I am NOT a country fan. I used to be....many moons ago. I loved The Judds, Randy Travis and Patsy Cline(for whatever that is worth). So earlier this year, I got hooked watching "Can You Duet" on CMT. My favorite duo didn't win but they just released an album that took me back and put a smile on my face. I listened to it on the way to picking the kids up from school today and it is uh-mazin. Here is the link for those interested, you can hear samples(I love that about Amazon):
The Life Of A Song
Joey + Rory

I don't often get excited about music but it's kind of cool that this duo brought back my appreciation and love of good, no silliness country. It's easy to sing along, warm and just a nice escape from fertility, politics and church drama. Even if you don't like country or you "used to" like country, check it out. My favorite songs are "Play the Song" and "To Say Goodbye". That's my happy for the day. Or maybe the week. They have a website with their story and the lyrics. So there it is.
Joey + Rory

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

The kids and hubs and I LOVED that show and we fell in love with those two. We wanted them to win so bad! I couldn't wait until they came up with an album of their own. I'm glad to hear you like it so I'll probably buy it for hubs this Christmas. Their single "Cheater, Cheater" is a little...racy but the kids love it and they censor themselves on the racy words which I think is too funny. They don't know what "no good, white trash ho" means but they know it isn't nice so they bleep the word "ho".