Monday, October 20, 2008

Paging, bishops with a backbone...

This article from Time is insightful and describes why "some" of our bishops are making our beliefs a crap shoot this year. If all life issues are equally important(immigration,abortion,euthanasia, etc.) then why bother voting, right? The church, I'm sorry, the U.S. church, needs to stop playing the game of vagueness. Sorry for my tongue but seeing a "Catholics for Obama" button on a lapel at the funeral yesterday was just thing I needed to make me come unglued. I also heard 4 other funeral attendees make snide McCain comments to which I responded in silence. Why? Because it speaks volumes about liberals if they think it is appropriate to use a funeral as a platform to spew their garbage. I may have one more day of being around them, briefly, and then if I catch them away from the funeral, they are fair game. Anyway, here is the link to the Time article.

How Catholics Are Judging Obama and the Democrats

Our church in the U.S. is in serious trouble if we think inviting Obama, the biggest baby-killer in recent times, to the Al Smith Dinner. It is a slap in the face to true Catholics who take their faith seriously. If he wins this election, it will be because some of our leaders have left the building. Pray for them. They led the sheep astray. The so-called "Freedom of Choice Act" is months away. With Obama and two Democratic weighted houses, there will be nothing we can do at that point.

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Lily said...

Nothing but pray.

This is a very difficult time we live in, and this is a very important election, yet we have so very little effect when we cast our vote. Especially in states like NY, where no matter what the public says in the voting booth, the state will still register as democratic on election night. The popular vote, in my opinion really means very, very little, especially in a state like NY.

I'm looking for something to hold on to should he get in, something like a silver lining, a consolation, a bit of hope. I can not find any. Our only recourse is to pray. I put a post up a few days ago, a link to another blog, about prayer and fasting the three days before the election. I think it may be our only hope.