Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have you seen this lie machine?

Obamama Tax Machine

This is a stinking lie. Everything I have seen shows we are getting our taxes hiked under him by about 18%. Since we do not qualify for any credits(college,green stinkin cars, et all) we just have to hand it all over. How about giving parents with autistic children at least a free steak dinner, Mr. Obamama.

Just for fun, I put in Joe the plumbers possible income:

You will probably not get a tax cut under the Obama-Biden plan.
More Information

Learn more at

I wanted to scream and throw something when McCain didn't bust him on taxes or the so-called "Freedom of Choice" act that promises lots of babies will be killed at will. We are going to have to go underground. Wake up you dopey undecideds! Are they really that similar? Really?

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