Monday, September 22, 2008

One of "those" days

I'm having a "staring at the Infant Of Prague in my office" kind of day. Ahem. I'm sure those of you with a devotion to the dear Infant can relate. I wanted to share this amazing story which was new to me. Uplifting and I must say....thank you. Funny how God does give us what we need each day. I needed a miraculous story of a nun...

Worcester Nun Rescued 60 years ago from Japanese Internment Camp

from the story:
The cruel Japanese second-in-command, Konishi, was captured and tried for his war crimes. While awaiting execution he had a change of heart and was instructed in the Catholic faith by an American priest. Fr. John P. Wallace said about Konishi, “his embracing the Catholic faith was genuine and sincere. He told me that he had been impressed by the example of Catholic sisters and priests whom he had encountered during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines.” [2] (page 217 Flanagan)

Sixty years have passed since the rescue, since the hard time of the imprisonment. Yet for all that, it’s certain that Sister Beata would say to “offer it up.” Her perfect resignation to the divine will has been her signature and her legacy - and her peace.

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