Friday, August 1, 2008

Fertility, crafts and waffles, oh my!

What????? Blogger is wigging out tonight. I can't get on blogger sites regardless of rebooting, etc. I'm sewing, lots of orders to get out of here and Christmas designs to get modeled. We went to get "crafts" earlier tonight and then, of all things, had dinner at Waffle House(cheap and the kids liked it). My order came today from Botanic Choice(they had a great deal last weeks on vitamins and supplements) which includes a Whole Foods blend, an easily digestible "ester" E, a liver health formula and Absorb B-12. I am going to stay on these the whole month and call my OBGYN about Clomid for next month. I must be nutty, kids at a new school, trying to finish the fall and holiday lines, working on fertility and weight loss plus trying to stay sane and pray around the clock for everything and everybody. Hmm. Oh, I did get some anise seed powder than I am going to use for something(ha, it was a filler for my order, smells yum).

I have been doing things with the kids and we are going to have to do the family "tye dye" project soon here in Craftville. I hope I remember all my dye rules from my college years. I can just see all the new uniform shirts and socks turning our dye colors. This is a cool set of instructions I found:
Tye Dye
Don't go thinking we would wear these to church or anything crazy. We are trying to make our own project and family time since we couldn't afford to go anywhere this summer. The shirts were an easy buy from Walmart, none cost more than about $5. Maybe we will tackle this project this weekend. I will post how they turn out. Perhaps with photos if I we aren't too disappointed with the results. I miss hitting my blogs I read. Just can't get there tonight. We will probably watch tv. I will try the blogs again over coffee tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

waffle house is my favorite! esp. in ohio since the no smoking law. (i know, it's socialist law, but it sure makes life easier)

hashbrowns, scattered, smothered and covered...mmmmmm.

Tracy said...

I have never heard of waffle house but it sounds awesome!!!