Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feast day, St. Bernard(and more)

Saint Bernard and the Prayer to the Holy Wound

O most loving Jesus, meek lamb of God, I, a miserable sinner,
salute and worship the most sacred Wound of Thy Shoulder
on which Thou didst bear Thy heavy Cross, which so
tore Thy flesh and laid bare Thy bones as to inflict on Thee
an anguish greater than any other wound of Thy most blessed body.
I adore Thee, O Jesus most sorrowful; I praise and glorify Thee,
and give Thee thanks for this most sacred and painful
Wound, beseeching Thee by that exceeding pain, and by
the crushing burden of Thy heavy Cross, to be merciful to me,
a sinner, and to forgive me all my mortal and venial sins, and
to lead me on toward Heaven along the Way of the Cross. Amen.

IMPRIMATUR: Thomas D. Beaven, Bishop of Springfield
(Read about the meaning of this prayer here: Saint Bernard and the Prayer to the Holy Wound)

The kids had Mass at St. Bernard's today on the saints feast day. It is odd to see my kids happy and fitting in nicely(we aren't used to that). They had donuts after Mass and I got to chat with some of the teachers and the kids friends. Day three of new school, so far, so good. The drive will take some getting used to but picking up the kids happy and chatty and feeling like they are progressing is worth it(yeah, wait til the snow and ice come, then we will see how I feel.)

On another happy note, McCain is ahead in the polls. On a sad note, the saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band died from injuries sustained in an ATV accident. He was absolutely one of the best sax players out there(maybe even best that was living). Read here:
DMB sax player dies at 46 from ATV wreck injuries (AP)

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