Monday, July 21, 2008

So crafty!

This weekend, Mr. Thorn started a craft project with the kids. He never revealed to me(during all our years of marriage) that he was a master at the art of camp crafts. So they are all busy making lanyards. It is not 100% peaceful but they are all busy in varying degrees. My youngest was getting tired of the same colors and project so I created a monster by introducing her to the art of the friendship bracelet. It's been years since I did these so we haven't figured out how to keep it laying flat but I hope in the end, it will stay flat....maybe. Here are some instruction links in case you want to try these at home.

Friendship Bracelet


If anyone has been making these as of late with their kids, keeping the threads from twisting during knotting is something of interest to us. Ha. No one on the Internet has issues, or so it seems.

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