Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I missed a local idiot

A local talk show host in Cincinnati went on a hate diatribe last week, before Michael Savage, and I missed it. I found many articles about the mess but all of them, unfortunately, drop the f-bomb all over so I can't link to them. I get that parents are angry. I get that they feel this doesn't help our fight to get the public to understand our life and those of our children. It doesn't help when you can't speak in a manner which allows people to take you seriously. I have had my own version of bigotry in our neighborhood and my children's former school/parish. It sucks and doesn't help that there is a lot of misinformation about autism in the media.
Here is a clean version of the story I found at Cafemom:

Get your autistic kid out!!!

On his July 14 program, Cincinnati radio talk show host Mike McConnell (of AM powerhouse WLW) addressed the topic of autistic kids. Among other things, McConnell opines that parents with autistic children should immediately remove misbehaving children from restaurants so the remaining patrons can enjoy their meal. ("Misbehavior" apparently means anything from mild crying on up.)

My kids behave public(almost always....they are kids mind you). I been shocked on numerous occasion(including after Mass) when we have strangers comment on how well behaved they are. It is a 24/7 job and I take it seriously. If they are disruptive, like when they were toddlers, we deal with it. I'm amazed by the know-it-all shock jocks taking pot shots at autistic children and the parents lately. I get enough of that locally(hack hack). I would pay money to see McConnell and Savage spend a weekend with a group of severely autistic(or even mild for that matter) children ALONE. Just them and say 5 kids. That would be one awesome reality show! Go pick on people who make a choice to be inept and careless. My kids were made this way by government mandated vaccines. You want to go after a moron, go after the CDC and big pharm but leave me and my usually well behaved children alone. Sorry for the rant. This is getting old.


Samantha said...

plenty of non-autistic children have behavioral issues as well. don't pick on kids.. pick on their parents! LOL

Micki said...

I can't imagine the stress of being a parent of an autistic child. What an extremely difference in their behavior, which they can control, and that of an ill-behaved child who get no parental boundaries. God bless all parents but especially those who have and love their autistic child.