Saturday, July 19, 2008


Beautiful Mass. I'm half watching. I have to work tonight so I can't focus on it. I'm recording on my computer for later.

Update. Spoke too soon. We got some tribal stuff a happening. Incense and grass skirts are odd in the same context. Sigh.

Weh. Taste and See. Badly done at that. Poor Holy father is looking down AND closing his eyes. Wow, she hit a clunker. Even my youngest came in from watching in the other room and said "Sorry, Mom, it's a bad song, huh?"

Holy Father is now moving his lips in prayer and hopefully in another spiritual parallel universe to avoid this. It's almost over. Now I have to explain how it's tomorrow in Sydney. Bonk. She said "So, their half of the world was made before ours. Is that it?" Lord, help me.

This post lost the "Beautiful Mass" lustre when the hula and tropical shirts busted out. It had "beautiful elements". There. I feel better. The Holy Father is still my hero.

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