Friday, July 25, 2008

He won't let up

Mike McConnell returns from "vacation"

McConnell on autism

This is a podcast and not sure if it will link. Instead of saying "here's what I really meant" or "sorry I was misunderstood" he continues to say parents of autistic children are whack and want it our way all the time and on and on. It saddens me that he truly lacks compassion and understanding. I don't feel that "God screwed up my life" by giving me my son's(with their special needs). I absolutely know it is not about me. I sacrifice a lot for the sake of my children(my health, my sanity, my social life, my free time). It is most frustrating that he perpetuates misinformation about what autism is. I will say that from the letters he was reading, it seems that some are confusing him with Michael Savage by bringing up the "absent father" issue.

If you listen to the podcast, I will agree with the "teacher" letter. If my kids were disruptive or too much for the classroom, I have always told teachers and principals to let me know(I will deal with it and find a new school or home school, period). I don't feel my kids are "entitled". I feel they are blessed but never entitled. As long as they can meld into their Catholic school classroom and act within bounds, I thank God for what they have received. The structure that most Catholic schools offer is an amazing environment for them. I still believe that they can be successful by knowing, loving and serving God(as opposed to the world view of success).

One other thing I agree with? What he said about the parent using language and names he couldn't use on the air(as being wrong/bad). That is not helping our cause one iota. Talk like a respectful adult and people will take you seriously. I can't tell you how many websites I went to that I could not link on my blog because they were so crass and nasty. I'm officially torn on this issue because his method of making a point perpetuates the stereotype of autistic kids but the "parents" are the ones I don't want to be associated with. For the most part, I have found many to have a sense of entitlement, foul mouthed and defeatist attitude. Not all, but many. There are those of us just trying to make a better life for our kids. I thank and show gratitude to whomever helps our family in any way. Most do not know how much it means when they show us kindness and aid. I went without any help for so many years that now, I fear turning down any help, therapy or assistance(even if it is not helping) because I'm so thankful.
So for those parents that think screaming and cursing is an effective way to represent "parents of autistic children", get off the roster. You aren't helping those of us just trying to get through the day or your children. And the radio hosts that have become "experts" in the autism spectrum, pick on someone else. We are too strung out to have to deal with the backlash of your uneducated comments.

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