Monday, May 5, 2008

Hope and a blessing

Kit gives a wonderful story of her miracle baby. A good start to a Monday:

A Year and a Day

My favorite part:
The next day, my younger one (Therese/Our Lady of Fatima), came up to me with a locket depicting the Infant of Prague that she'd picked up at the Shrine's gift shop. She had been "telling all her secrets" into the locket from the minute she unwrapped it. She said, "Mamma, I told Him everything. I told Him we needed another baby. He understands."

Thanks, Kit.


Anonymous said...

where can i get me one of those lockets!!!

Kit Brookside said...

Thorn - this one's my Aspie. She is by far the purest and most devout in our family, and it just seems to be innate with her. She has these unscripted "moments" (like the Fatima apparition reenactments - LOL!) and as you know very, very well with your sons, it's awe-inspiring to see them connecting at levels beyond our own capabilities.

Just this evening after dinner, the oldest said something unusually and uncharacteristically mean to her, which fired me right up. I sent the offender off to her room, comforted my wounded one, and then started upstairs to go at it one more time with the oldest. However, my little "Therese" stopped me and said "Mamma, it's okay. I've forgiven her. And since I did, you should forgive her too. It's not good for your soul."

(I think I know, but I have to ask myself - WHERE does she get this?!?)

It one for posting over at my blog, I guess.

I'm glad you found something good/inspirational in this little vignette of our lives with this fascinating little girl we have!

Anonymous said...

wow, what a little gift she is. making my eyes water.