Thursday, April 17, 2008


The petitions...more jazzy stuff. This has turned into "It's a Small World" or a Benneton ad. This is just proving why we need more Latin. Big melting pot of tribal dress, languages. Raymond said they are getting emails from people that feel as I do. This is wicketty-wicketty whack. Ack. Drums. Guitar, flutes.... Now they have a mariachi band. I need to get back to work, this is unbearable. Help us Holy Father, we're melting....
I'm now convinced this had to happen for a reason. We are worse off than I thought. If this is the best we can offer the successor of Peter, we are in bad shape. They are freaking clapping. ACK!!! This tribal crap is an abomination. Even Raymond and Father Richard John Neuhaus are struggling and using words like "Amazon flavor". The dude that planned this should be tarred and feathered. Okay. I am done for now. I'm too in shock. Let this embarrassing event bring about some good, dear Lord.


Ma Beck said...

Oh, snap.

That was the worst.
But Fr. Neuhaus made it bearable with his biting, acerbic commentary.

And your posts alone are worth sitting through this.
I'm laughing hysterically as I read it.


Domingo was awesome, and the Pope was genuinely moved by him. I love that the Pope left his throne and walked over to Placido. It was, I think, a huge message to all those out of tune, tribal, banjo playin' "choirs."

a thorn in the pew said...

I felt blogging was the only way to get it out and move on with my day. I couldn't work. I'm all jittery and nervous still but at least it's over. I was seriously waiting for the music from Deliverance to start playing...
Just when I thought it can't get any like, did.