Thursday, April 17, 2008


Watching the Papal Mass. This is just painful. Why does it feel like an Oompa band playing the Responsorial Psalm? It's just not pretty, klunker notes. There is also a big section in the stands of women in tie-dye sashes. Uhg. What the heck are they doing? At one point, when the cantor did a jazzed up version of the Kyrie, I thought I saw the Holy Father roll his eyes. Just briefly. Add to that, only women, and those who are minorities, are doing all the readings. This happened last night as well. Yeah, maybe I'm nit-picking but I just get heebies. I much prefer a man, doesn't matter the ethnicity, to do the readings. My opinion, I know it's "allowed" and whatever so don't lecture me on that.
All this jazzy music is totally inappropriate for a Papal Mass. But....maybe it needs be. Maybe it needs to be obvious and klunky for change to take place. This doesn't make me feel any less about the Holy Father's visit, maybe it means more. We need help. The world needs help. Yuck, stop with the hand bells already. I need some Excedrin.
(Update: He just said "many of the baptized faithful choose to act contrary to the truth of the Gospel." Make what you want of that. Media will probably say "make love not war". Sigh. Regardless, strong message and firm in truth and logic.)


Ma Beck said...

Yep. Painful.


Ma Beck said...

"Gee, your Holiness, we know you are a music scholar and a great theologian, so we're going to have the crappiest music we can rustle up. Happy birthday!"

(His vestments are very nice, however.)

a thorn in the pew said...

Vestments are stellar. He is doing well with all the chaos and jazzy crap. This is why he is Pope and I am a girl with a grumpy 'tude. I, as a grumpy girl, would booger this up and chastize "I eat babies" Pelosi and make the CUT(gesture with hand across the neck) at the jazzy Haugan-esque be-bopping. So I will sit and do this in the privacy of my home office and kow that God sees all. I'm human and have a low tolerance for schticky additions to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that ridiculous version of ubi caritas? I Love Jazz but hate Jazz in the mass. I also heard a little opera...thought Poverati was reincarnated.

Ma Beck said...

Not sure about the opera, but I certainly heard echoes of high school drama clubs doing "broadway."
At one point, I swear the person singing was the gal from that bway song, "Annnnd I'mmmmm telllllllllinnnnng youuuuuuuuuu, I'm not leavingggggggggggggg."

That Mexi-Jamaican tune they did (the real upbeat tempo) my sis said sounded like an ad by the Mexican tourism board. I know it certainly made me want a margarita. Or maybe it was just the entire thing that made me crave booze.