Sunday, March 2, 2008

I was like a daisy among weeds(with no make-up)

I am here in balmy Akron, OH and figured I would blog before Mass. We are staying at a nice hotel here that has a breakfast buffet and today was just too eventful not to mention. Last night, as we came home from dinner, 2 huge buses pulled up and unloaded members of the AFSCME that were here for Hillary. We got word they were heading to the pool so we got the kids down there so we could get out before they took over the pool. It was close to the pool closing time so we made it. A friend of Mr. Thorn's came over and chatted most of the night so there was no conflict until this morning. They took over the breakfast buffet, cheering at every mention of Hillary on television and making lots of snide comments about McCain and Republicans. Uncomfortable does not describe our breakfast adventure. I was only one of about three women with make-up out of almost forty or so women that I saw milling about(there was a definite lack of femininity in the room). Then we had the kids asking why they are all wearing the same shirts, why they are cheering at the television and other embarrassing questions. Here we are, conservative, traditional Catholics having a bite before check-out and Mass and they were preparing for a campaign stop later in the morning. Mr. Thorn tried to behave, it was difficult for him(the poor dear). What did I learn from the whole experience? Even when you feel like you are the majority, don't assume everyone shares your views and that you won't offend someone by your words. While I don't share many of the views of McCain, I still consider myself a Republican(I am registered) and the example you set, goes a long way. I bit my tongue, said nothing, although many around me were making Republican/conservative cracks galore. If you want others to understand or support your cause, be aware that you are setting an example. Did we behave because we were out-numbered or because that is what we were taught? I don't know, because I really didn't want to behave. I am very opinionated and uncompromising in my beliefs. I think I went by the rule of just "not arguing with a Democrat". The odd thing was I looked at them as abortion supporters. It was haunting and creepy to be in a room with people who have no problem supporting the killing of innocent babies. That was the ugly part of my day and I can do nothing but pray for them at Mass today. Well, that and not vote for Hillary. Prayer is more effective than any arguement. Especially when any arguement would have fallen on deaf ears. God save our country. The next 4+ years are going to be rough.

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FloridaWife said...

I couldn't agree with your sentiments more. When I see a democrat, all I see is a supporter of killing innocent babies. And the way some of these democrats comport themselves with their obscene language is just disgraceful; I hope you and your children didn't experience any of that.