Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christian unity

Since this is "the week" I found an interesting site on Christian unity from a musician. He is very honest about being a Catholic but believes that as a Catholic, there is "what people believe to be the Catholic Church" and then there is the reality of the Catholic Church.
Here is the site:

I have a very good friend who is evangelical and we get into heated "rapture" discussions and talk of aspects of scripture and theology but I have learned a lot about her faith, through her. I hope she has learned from me, too. If I didn't believe what my faith teaches, I could not be so passionate about the church. She knows about my re-version and my history. I came back through a back alley via the Mormon faith. I didn't become LDS, but I learned what I loved and wanted to keep and hold on to by learning what would be lacking if I choose to leave.(I hope that made sense) We just get caught up in differences because we are both passionate about our faith. So this site was nice to find as it speaks to other Christian faiths from a Catholic view. I wish he was more "out" and had it linked boldly and openly on his website for his music and pro-life work(he has a music site and the Catholic Bridge site). The story is quite amazing. He does share his run-ins with non-Catholics and has influenced many around him to become Catholic. All, it seems, by learning and treasuring his faith. I especially was moved by his pro-life testimony found here:
Pro-Life Testimony
Hopefully you will find some interest and comfort in his story as I did. As a traditionalist, I may not have the same taste in music, but the message is definitely something I can take to heart.


Tracy said...

Excellent, thanks for sharing this link, I've added it to my favorites!

Ed said...

A young Australian Man (Sam Clear) is currently walking around the world asking all Christians to pray for Christian Unity. To have a look at his journey so far (from Brazil to Russia in 12 months), have a look at