Thursday, January 17, 2008

Being Catholic and cold.

Is it okay to be Catholic and hate cold and winter? I just don't know. After Christmas, snow is of no use to me. I look at it on the trees, I think it's pretty for like 30 seconds, I get a chill and I'm slapped into the reality that I detest cold. Is it acceptable to not appreciate something God created? Probably not. Last year, we had an ice storm(I've provided photos as a refresher) that did me in. At night, in the silence, you could hear the branches snap, the ice covered limbs beating against the roof. Our sun room roof began to leak profusely as the ice thawed. We called a "roofing expert" in Louisville who promptly arrived, fixed it, it still leaked(worse) and then he left never to be heard from again. He stopped answering our calls. Yeah, that was a rant.
So as much as I love the culture and history of Cincinnati and the surrounding area, I like warm air, green on trees and wearing sandals. I know, offer it up. See, that is probably why I am still here.


Tim A. Troutman said...

I think people who like the cold are like people who prefer night to day. I mean, I'm a night owl but it's not by choice I just naturally have more energy the longer I'm awake.

Anyway, yea it's past December - winter has gone on long enough. Let's get back to summer.

Ma Beck said...

I hate summer - I detest being hot.
To each her own!


Anonymous said...

that ice storm was a nightmare...we had a piddly pile of firewood (not properly seasoned) and a dinky fireplace...i was awake all night the first night trying to keep the fire burning-in the firebox and not my house...oh yeah the smoke detectors decided to start malfunctioning (they had been recalled and we didn't know) so needless to say i don't have fond memories of "The Ice Storm"

Mac McLernon said...

. Is it acceptable to not appreciate something God created? Probably not.

I disagree...

(i) we have free choice

(ii) cockroaches


Lily said...

I'm with ma beck, I detest being hot! I would rather feel cold and add layers to warm up. I also have a hubby who keeps me warm. Why is it that men are always warmer than women?