Sunday, November 18, 2007

Doggy update

Well, what a long week. We plastered that whole area with posters and handed out so many flyers. We have been getting calls and leads but we always arrive late or it turns out to not be her, etc. Today was great! We were on a street where she had been just an hour prior. I have been praying both the St. Anthony prayer and the St. Francis prayer to find her and for protection everyday. I know she is alive and my parents come home tomorrow and we have just got to see her somewhere over there. She is staying in the same area, for some reason, we just keep missing her. So the prayers are working and I have trust and that is enough for me. I look forward to seeing my parents. I have talked to them on the phone all week but it was hard going through this without them here. It seemed impersonal and that was the difficult part. So I will pray and trust and hope. Thank you all for the prayers.

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gemoftheocean said...

I will keep praying. A pet is really a member of the family, not in the same way people are, of course. But a member of the family none the less.