Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy with sick kids

It's been nuts since the Thanksgiving holiday with shopping, business and now sick kids. One was home yesterday and the other at the beginning of dreaded cold/yuck/hacking thing. I've had to take on filling a wholesale order without help so I've had little downtime(or sleep for that matter). If I can push through the next two weeks, I will be home free. My business slows down mid-December so I will get to rest then. Last year it became baking central after December 10th. I don't know if I am quite up to that. We couldn't possibly eat all that was baked even after giving much away.
Thanksgiving was good, busy but we pulled it off. Braved the crowds the next day(Kmart is now on my naughty list, horrible customer service) The other stores we went to Meijer's, Toys R Us and KB Toys were beyond nice and helpful. We didn't really spend that much. I did a lot of shopping online yesterday. Oh, I read that there was someone upset about the day being called Black Friday. Mind you, it's named after "the books/accounting", not because it's evil or anything non-PC. The whole Merry Christmas greeting in stores is heating up again too. Here's the deal, if you want to cash in on Christians spending wads of money on your junk, the very least you can do to thank us for giving you all that money is say "Merry Christmas" in return to us(or if you really cared, initiate the well wishes) Kudos to the employee who, despite company memos, says Merry Christmas just because. Eh, I didn't want to get into this and it probably slipped because I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet. I'm determined to find myself in a pleasant mood today. Yesterday was not good. Today is a new day and maybe if I don't answer the phone, I will achieve my goal. Ha.


Lily said...

I hope your kids are well soon. God bless,

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Did you visit Minnesota recently? It looks like this virus is a travelling one! Hey, check out my blog today and tomorrow for a mini-contest! It's my first one!

Tracy said...

I agree about MN we have all had this in our home! Prayers your kids are on the mend soon.