Monday, November 5, 2007

And in today's local news...

A link to the ages
With Pope Benedict's encouragement, more churches return to ancient rite

This was the front of today's Enquirer.
From the article:

But in the handful of area churches that offer a traditional Latin Mass, the congregations tend to have a younger mix.

Many people in their 20s and 30s fill the pews at these Masses.

"In a world with so much busyness, this particular Mass is popular," DeVous said. "Some feel maybe too much was stripped away too quickly.

"It communicates to me with the music of traditional chants and polyphony. I remember it communicated an immediate sense of the sacred. It communicated the grand nature of God."

What a cool way to start the week. I hope more locals come. It is truly a gift for the entire diocese.

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Alexander said...

From the article:

“But the number of Catholics who practice the older Mass remains a small percentage of the total membership in the Cincinnati Archdiocese, with 100 people attending the Latin Mass at Sacred Heart Church in Camp Washington and about 200 people at Our Lady of the Rosary in Dayton, Andriacco said.”

Two things about this.

First, a lot of people don’t understand what the TLM is and/or have never been to one. This helps to hurt its interest.

I had a priest tell me that the people have no interest in the TLM my area.. well most people never been to one around here or don’t remember it so how can they be interested in it if they never been exposed to it?

Next, Sacred Hear Church in Cincinnati does not seem like it has 100 people. It always feels like it has as much as Dayton (Ohio).

a thorn in the pew said...

I agree. I know the numbers are higher overall of people who attend but not all attend on a weekly basis. I think initially it hurt a bit to move from the Cathedral to St. Bernard's because not "everyone" migrated. St. Bernard's is tucked in a smaller city that not everyone knows about. The numbers at the Cathedral before the move were growing weekly. I believed they were helped by the EWTN covereage on Sept. 14th.
Saying "the number that practice remains small" is an odd thing to say since the date of Sept. 14th is significant in the grand scheme of things. It will take time. But if bishops are stifling the growth, it will take much longer. We did have another NKY parish who wanted the TLM and were denied by "higher-ups" after everything looked like a go. As long as bishops still wield the power to say yes or no, the TLM will not grow(unless Ecclesia Dei gets invloved).