Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Planned Parenthood? Unethical? Imagine that...

Largest Abortion Center in the U.S. Refused Permission to Open - Court Rejects Suit

How long would investigating that an LLC filed for a permit for a general "clinic" rather than an abortion mill? It would be a miracle if they permanently closed down this death chamber but a wonderful sign from God. I can only imagine the people praying for this place to go away forever.

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This is from a Chicago Tribune article I found on this event:

Frankly, I'm surprised we were able to keep it a secret for so long," said Steve Trombley, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area.... "We didn't want anything to interfere with the opening...."

That the clinic was kept hush-hush for so long was no accident. Planned Parenthood adopted the strategy after a 2004 boycott by contractors stalled work for two months on a clinic in Austin, Texas....

Here are some other pro-life reads and a site I found this morning. As a pregnant mom, I'm feeling more militant than my usual pro-life self.

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FloridaWife said...

I saw it on FoxNews:


Anonymous said...

I used to think Planned Parenthood was okay because they would give you the yearly exam without you having to sign up for birth control anything, but now that I know better, I'm sorry I ever went to one. I come near to tears when I think about all the babies I may have cause my body to abort while I was on those drugs.

God Bless.