Monday, September 10, 2007

I just have a conservative brain

Interesting study finds a difference in the liberal and conservative brains.
Homo politicus: brain function of liberals, conservatives differs
The study that involved conflict monitoring was flawed, I think. This study is making an assumption that conservatives do the same thing, the same way always and that cannot be compared to voting and life in general. Especially, in my case, I used to be very liberal and my brain still functions the same way. Anyway, it was interesting but I bet the liberals were just trying to prove the reason we always vote the same way or behave the same way is because we are wired that way. I have found, the older I get, the less I like change and monkey wrenches thrown into my daily life. It doesn't mean I don't deal with them, just don't like them. There you go.


Anonymous said...

How silly! I think the reason the liberals have such "nimble minds" is because they are constantly haveing to redefine everything they believe, from religion to politics to health, etc. Whereas conservitives have already done all that work and use that energy towards other, more productive, areas.

God Bless!

gemoftheocean said...

Agree, Pandabean. I smell "dumbass assumptions" at work. I love the nimrod example: "People tend to take the same route home every evening and don't think about it much." That's right, dummy, because by NOW they've figured out which route is the QUICKEST. Often times if a person changes jobs etc. he/she will try different routes to work to see which is generally the fastest. They don't need to rethink the problem every day once they get it down. If something arises "like roadwork" then they try another route. You don't change what's not broken. Duh news alert.

It's like when "they" were horrified that "a lot of people didn't much change their sex habits with the AIDS scare." Liberal news outlets went bonkers. Never occurred to the dummies that maybe everyone didn't alley-cat around to begin with.

I'd love to see the actual test they constructed. I bet it's easy to find a million and one such flaws.

Amy said...

Wait until this "study" is used to prove that conservativism is a mental disorder.

As pandabean said, it's easy to have a "nimble mind" when you don't have any solid values, morals, or ethics to operate from. Everything is relative to liberals, so everything can change at the drop of a hat.