Thursday, September 13, 2007

Home from hospital

Mr. Thorn came home yesterday and he's really feeling yuck. He's having to re-learn to swallow plus the pain of swallowing water or jello is bad too. He will be out of work for about another week or so and can't talk so we are communicating on a magnetic doodle board. Thank you to all who prayed. The pathology report came back and the bump they removed was a polyp and not cancer. We are so relieved.
I'm both craving(horribly) and nauseous. Quite a combo. I'm just glad I still feel very pregnant. I hope to get in some blog time again soon. I'm behind with orders and need to play catch up. Hope I'm not missing anything huge. I'm planning on at least watching EWTN for the TLM(since nothing at all will be happening here...I know, I need to let it


Beth said...

So glad you are feeling pregnant. With Madeleine, I went to the RE every 5 minutes for the first 8 weeks (seemed like). Then he released me to my regular OB. And then I had to wait until 12 WEEKS to go! So I was happy that I was praying to the porcelain god every morning :)

gemoftheocean said...

Glad to hear Mr. T. doesn't have cancer. It's nice to hear good news.
As for the nausea ... I can remember post-op they tried to feed me jello -
I threw up because the sweetness made me nauseous. Maybe UNsweetened Jello?

Lily said...

Glad to hear your good news. Prayers for a rapid andfull recovery. God bless,