Saturday, August 25, 2007

Disney and the Frat Party

Making it that much harder to be a parent, Disney makes stupid media moves once again.
Disney Offers High School Musicals and Boozy Frat Parties
I admit to watching the show Kyle XY on ABC Family but I would NEVER let my kids watch this network. I have to overlook things like homosexuality, pre-marital sex, liberal hog-wash to get through the show. It is sad because the sci-fi nature of the story makes it entertaining. I've seen the previews for Greek and it looks obnoxious. I can say I let my kids watch High School Musical 2 and watched with them. It is amazing how they pulled together talent and a clean story line to produce such a sweet and moral show/movie. It actually has a message and hits the tween group with its content. That said, I am always amazed at what Disney gets their hands into. In my college years, I interviewed to be a "cast member" with Disney and it looked like I had the job until they asked me to "return to my natural hair color". Also, no makeup. It just struck me as an odd way to be wholesome considering where they are now. Anyway, I agree with the opinion in this article that it should no longer be called ABC Family. It just makes them look ridiculous.

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