Monday, July 30, 2007

Steubenville. Eesh.

Fr. Z. has a memo from Steubenville via Bishop Conlon on his blog. It is odd and leads me to believe this diocese will be very strict on the elements in Summorum Pontificum. Good grief let's hope this isn't a taste of things to come. Of interest are the comments following this entry that outline Bishop Conlon's experience, expertise and track record. I pray things fare better in our diocese.
Father is right on the money in stressing that we cannot hold the extraordinary to a stricter set of standards than the ordinary. This is not setting a good precedent. The freedom of the exhortation will be trumped by any bishop if this cannot be reigned in(by Ecclisia Dei, etc.)

(a telling comment found there: There’s a missing piece to this story. I have it on good authority (other seminarians) that 5 counties in the diocese of Stubenville requested an indult before and the bishop turned them all down. No demand? I don’t think so. This guy is just flat out hostile to the ancient Mass.

Comment by Anon. Seminarian )

Scary indeed.

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