Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You can believe it or not believe it...

...but I adore being Catholic. Even with all the things that are on my plate at the present time(and the bellyaching), I still love my faith. I read a post over at The Crescat that made me think and I do find humor in the ridiculous and satire in the abuses, it's become a coping mechanism in me that just goes off so that I can make it through another day. Truthfully, I am glad it's summer, I'm looking forward to a long overdue vacation and can even chuckle over the man in India on the phone just now that kept calling my poor husband "mam" because the dear is losing his voice(my husband, not the Indian). So be thankful for the truth, pray for patience and love those who are hard to love. That is a note to self and to anyone listening. And in the future, if I go on a tirade, pardon my weakness and thank you for letting me get it out. As always, I get over it. Don't ever forget to laugh on bad days, too. If you can't find something funny, look for it. I always do :)

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