Tuesday, June 12, 2007

They are called PRAISE STREAMERS. Duh.

To better fit in with my diocese, I researched a bit and found the proper term is PRAISE STREAMERS. So next time you see a nun processing, er, sashaying down the center aisle, know the proper term. They are not ribbons on sticks. That is far too secular. A praise streamer is a stick of honor. It is waved while sashaying out of pure love and humility. So now that I found a source for liturgical accessories, I need a good instructional DVD. If I get good enough, I may teach. I will have to see how proficient I become. Keep me in your prayers with my new endeavor. In the meantime, if any of you wish to join me, I will provide some outlets for your perusal:

Praise and Worship Garments and Accessories(there are even some nice outfits for you men)

How to Make a Praise Streamer

Praise Apparel

In closing, that move shown in the photo above, I hope to master that by summer's end. Pray for me.


Raulito said...

Oh..OH...OH! I simply MUST have a Peasant Top and Praise Pantaloons!

PBXVI said...

Jedi Altar Girls???

a thorn in the pew said...

Ha...Jedi. Now that you mention it...