Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Journey to Traditionalism

The latest NOR has an excellent article on one man's journey to traditional Catholicism.
From Protestantism to Catholicism, From the Novus Ordo Mass to the Tridentine Latin Mass
I was struck by his attraction to the artistry that is found in Catholicism. Even as a child, I felt myself drawn to traditional churches because they seemed mystical and like a haven from the outside world. I can truly identify with this attraction as I felt it's pull, even when I was far from God. If you take the time to read this article, pay close attention to the section entitled "Beauty Tricks"....very interesting...

From the article:

I found myself naturally focusing on the individuality of that person, the priest, rather than on Christ, who was in reality the Victim being offered to His Father. Furthermore, there was a strong feeling of informality about what was going on, perhaps best encapsulated by the inevitable trooping up of laity, often strangely dressed, to help the priest distribute the Sacrament. This misery was topped off by the faithful, myself included, receiving our Lord in the palms of our hands, then popping Him into our mouths like a snack cracker.

Truer words cannot be said about the "typical"(notice I did not say reverent or sometimes found) Novus Ordo. And down further he writes:

By contrast, the Tridentine Latin Mass seeks not to make the faithful more comfortable nor to involve them more in a false sense of spiritual egalitarianism. Rather, the traditional Mass, by its every word and rubric, strives to reveal and exalt the only possible means of true Christian unity: Christ Himself. This oneness is timeless, not in the least subject to the errors of Modernity -- basically, the elevation of the individuality of self -- or any other heresy for that matter.

A very telling account from a convert seeking the glory that he imagined would be found in the Catholic Church. Why is it hiding? Most churches have been ugly for so long, they no longer realize the beauty that is lost.

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