Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ancient Tomb Found in Mexico

Ancient Tomb Found in Mexico Reveals Mass Child Sacrifice

The dating on this is fascinating. What I find shocking is that people are SHOCKED by this because it is a human sacrifice of innocent children for a pagan culture. Not unlike our own culture that sacrifices children through abortions so women can still go clubbing and live the lifestyle they choose, free from the worries of parenthood. Pagan.
Evidence suggests the children sacrificed to Tlaloc were in very poor health when they died and that the sacrifices were not punitive, she added.

Children of "young age and greater purity" were "more powerful mechanisms for the petitions of the living," Ardren said.

Nothing really changes, does it?

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Meredith said...

And the irony here is that these same individuals who choose their own paganism want to put a woman in charge of the country, and run the healthcare system that takes care of their needs after their pagan sacrifice or ethnic cleansing!!