Friday, May 4, 2007

What I am making. First Communion favors.

I am up late because I am in Photoshop making the graphic to go on the favor bags we are making for the First Communion. We bought wedding favor bags(no bells or anything) and we are filling with chocolates and putting the label seen above(plus his full birth name) on it. I think they will be cool(but will ma beck approve? My creative sacramental craft instructor, and yes, I mean that will all respect). Now, if we can download the format for the labels on the Avery website we will be in business. Long day tomorrow. Another haircut, pick up cake, pharmacy, gift store and anything else last minute we forgot.


Ma Beck said...

I approve, I approve!
What a nice idea for something to give the kiddies - I would never have thought of it.
Chocolate, an inexpensive rosary, and a "How to Pray the Rosary" booklet?

Jacob said...
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