Friday, May 4, 2007

Maria Stein Center & Shrine of the Holy Relics

I wanted to post on this place for those that are traveling this summer. I have been here a few times and it was a wonderful place full of relics, a grotto and the chapel is awesome.
Maria Stein Center & Shrine of the Holy Relics
You can click and see some of the photos and relics. It's about 2 hrs from Dayton/Columbus/Cincinnati. They have a lovely museum of the convent too. From the photos, it looks as if the gift shop has expanded quite a bit since I was there.
EDIT: I almost forgot. It was at this place I learned of this cultural "trend" to use someone's hair for rememberance. They made it into shapes and crosses and had these on display in the museum. Not sure if they still have them but I was so intrigued by this.

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