Sunday, May 13, 2007

I will miss her...

I just read on The Walled Garden that she is going to delete and quit her blog. This is upsetting as I greatly enjoyed her posts and her friendship. Having my share of hateful and vile combox entries, I know where she is coming from. To those that don't like me, however, know that I am not going away. If you don't have a genuine love for the Roman Catholic Church, why on earth would you make it your business to come on our blogs and spew garbage? I got a real doozy last night about how I probably love Latin and want the altar turned back around, etc and I thought....hmmmm....yeah, he is right I do want that and more!

Here's the deal. If you have vile things to leave in a comment box, why leave them? You look stupid leaving comments on a traditional blog if you are a liberal just as I would not think of commenting on a liberal Catholic blog(I don't consider people who want women's ordinations, clown Mass and abortion "Catholic" anyway). Why waste my time? I visit the blogs that interest me and with whom I have things in common. I don't seek out those who differ greatly from my way of thinking. I know others that do and really it is counter-productive. There are real people behind these blogs with lives that may be full of trials and hardships and your bitter words are not of God. Especially words that aren't based in truth. I learn so much from my fellow bloggers and if I venture to a blog I don't agree with(in a big way, lively debate is something else) I will not leave a comment. There is no purpose.
So think or pray before you comment on a blog. Try to understand why they have said something you don't agree with instead of thinking your way is right. To see a valuable and lovely blogger throw in the towel is a sad day indeed. I will miss you my friend!


Anita Moore said...


Interested in untilled earth, totally untouched except by the trolls from my parish? Come over to my blog at! Once again, that's! I'll fix your wagons!

a thorn in the pew said... probably haven't met a troll you couldn't squash or make yell like a little girl. I appreciate that in you :)

Anita Moore said...

*****P.S. TO THE TROLLS*****

Send me a really good, quality insult, and I'll personally memorialize it in the Victory Endorsements feature of my sidebar!

Thorn, it probably won't do any good...I doubt they'll come if I want them to. Kinda like little kids: they talk when you want them to be quiet, and clam up when you want them to talk!