Sunday, May 13, 2007

A blessed Mother's Day!

Today has been very special and made me smile and cry! We went to our local indult and today was my middle son's first time he could receive communion(after last Sunday) and he did so well. He stood in front of me, hands folded perfectly and reverently and kneeled and did everything he was supposed to like it was completely natural. We came back to the pew and I cried. I was just so overwhelmed that it is so important to him and he knows exactly what to do. I did have to explain a bit before we went to Mass today but nothing too much.

I think the other reason I cried is because I realize that the Tridentine Rite is both organic and supernatural and I learned this through watching my son. Just as there is this innate desire to "go home", our heavenly home, there is a natural desire to have Christ a part of us here on earth. It is supernatural in nature by God touching earth in the most profound manner. What a gift I received today in being able to experience this with him!
During the homily, Father talked about God giving to us what we pray for in His time, not ours. He also spoke of being child-like as apposed to childish when we ask for things in His Son's name. He always has wise words that I can take to heart.

After Mass we went to Pompilios for a late lunch. The kids loved it and we exchanged gifts and dined with my parents. I had a Veal Milanese and it was very good and way too much food! So now I am finishing up some tasks here in my studio and savoring a great day! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and moms-to-be out there!

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