Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tradition or Phat Taxi?

or Phat Taxi?

In my never ending quest for truth, a funny thing happened on the return from Mass on Sunday. My husband and I were discussing the liturgy, the seminary, the diocese in a general fashion. Because I feel so pulled right now, I am trusting that God will lead our family where we should be. As we are talking I yelled, "See, right there!" Husband says "Where?". The huge RV passing us on I-75 had the word "TRADITION" emblazoned in a silver metal panel on the back and on the side of the RV. As I was explaining "See, that is how God sends signs", a little van pulls up behind us with the words "Phat Taxi". I asked him "Do we want to be on "Tradition" or the "Phat Taxi". He just laughed but he knew what I meant. In case any of you doubt, I have included photos of the vehicles we saw.(Disclaimer: My story does not in any way reflect the companies who own or manufacture these said vehicles. Any references are just for the sake of telling my story.)

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