Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bird poop theology

Now before you get upset by my irreverence, I have to explain. Driving to pick my kids up from school I get in the van and there was a huge dried up "bird doo" on my windshield, blocking my sight. Great. It summed up my day so I tried to put on the windshield wipers. Nothing. I'm backing up and approaching the stop sign then....buhm....starts raining. Within 30 seconds the "doo" was gone and I smiled over the whole experience. The rain completely stopped after my windshield was cleared. My lesson was, God may allow "poop" to happen, but when He does, He also provides the means or manner in which to remove it. So, if you feel "pooped on", remember my small bit of insight. It may make you smile too. (Please note: That is not my vehicle in the photo and no vehicles were harmed in this spiritual lesson.)


FloridaWife said...

That car photo is hilarious!!!!

Hey, are you still up? The novena for Saint Gianna begins today. Sorry, I realized it late.

a thorn in the pew said...

Yes, I am. Thank you for reminding me. I just told the story of St. Gianna on the way home from school today. The kids were really sad over it :( They said "Who was their mommy after she died?" It broke my heart.

John said...

I can empathise with you here...

Thanks for your comment on my blog,

I had a look at that women's robes site. One word: hideous.

I'll add you to my Blogroll.

John Browne, UK