Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Traditionalists are equal to abortionists. Wha??

I stumbled on this article and was quite surprised by the tone regarding the Hannity issue. Texas priest criticizes Sean Hannity
Recently, I wrote an essay on the state of the liturgy in America for this Internet column. I could not believe the criticisms coming from those Catholics who call themselves "Traditionalists." The same people embrace the Church's teaching on birth control, but they do not accept Vatican II and the New Mass.

So essentially, Catholics who use abortifacients are the same "smell" as those who think there are grave errors in the way the Novus Ordo has been celebrated as of late??? Wow. Wanting a traditional worship is not sinful. Desiring a Mass free from liturgical abuses is not a mortal sin. Using abortifacients, supporting abortion as choice, supporting women priests and voting in favor of embryonic stem cell research these, the last time I checked are sinful, mortally sinful. This is church teaching we aren't going to change these by a show of hands. Anything that breaks away from the one, holy and apostolic faith causes division. If the Novus Ordo cannot be celebrated in a holy manner, then change is needed. It cannot be considered representative of the Catholic Church if it is full of abuses and glorifies man instead of glorifying God.

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