Thursday, March 8, 2007

More trouble for Covington KY diocese and our Catholic hospital

We have a pot that is about to boil over in our diocese with a merger of our Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals(it will form a monopoly, there are only 2 in our area). St. Elizabeth Medical Center, part of the Diocese of Covington, currently allows emergency contraception in cases of rape but ONLY if the woman is not pregnant. The Catholic Conference of Kentucky, the lobbying group for the state's four Catholic bishops, approved the use of emergency contraception in Catholic hospitals for this reason of "rape"(which any woman can say she was raped to get it).
The other problem is St. Elizabeth has a policy of withdrawing food and water from some patients and this violates Catholic teaching(which the linked article below clearly points out). On the St. Elizabeth website, there is a link to fill out a living will which if you are admitted to this hospital, God forbid, you run the risk of having food and water taken from you and very well may starve to death as Terry Schiavo did.
Death Without Dignity: Starvation and Dehydration
An amazing article written by Robert C. Cetrulo that outlines the clear teachings of Holy Mother Church on end-of-life moral obligations.

So now, with the merger, our Catholic hospital may plunge even further into the culture of death with the details of the merger unknown. Regardless, death is not just from the wages of sin but also the lot of those of us who have no alternative hospital in Northern Kentucky. While this is being worked out on paper, our bishop has remained silent on the matter.
Allowing such things to happen at a Catholic hospital is intrinsically evil. As Catholics, we must be pro-life from conception until natural death and not starve our weakest citizens and chemically kill them before they implant in their mother's womb.
For more information on this saga you can go to Northern Kentucky Right to Life website HERE.


FloridaWife said...

Wow. I have a knot in my throat from reading this latest news.

Anonymous said...

You should get all the facts before you cast stones. You don't know what you're talking about.

a thorn in the pew said...

I provided links to this information and posted further on this issue in a more recent entry. I admit not knowing the details of the merger but the information on current St. E's advance directive and the abortifacients are there.