Sunday, March 18, 2007

Infection from vaccination. Eesh.

I have many issues regarding vaccinations since I am convinced my boys are autistic due to the lovely inoculations. There is a story coming from up north about a toddler who has a rare infection because of his father, a soldiers, smallpox vaccine. Report: Toddler contracts rare infection
If you read through the story, the boy developed a rash on 80% of his body and its not even smallpox.
Doctors said the child suffered from eczema, which is a known risk factor for vaccinia infection. People with eczema are warned not to have close physical contact with the recently vaccinated because the condition allows the virus to enter the skin, they said.

This just irritates the snot out of me. My middle child has eczema and no one ever told us of this warning. Regardless, its a sad story and this was a buried story that won't get much press.
The back story on our family is we have 3 children, the two boys, my oldest and middle, are autistic. Both were vaccinated with all shots. After the first one was showing signs of developmental delays, I began reading how vaccines can cause mental and physical delays and autism in children. I held off the last rounds of MMR and others on my middle child after this. The doctor was relentless on saying it wasn't the vaccines, he needed these and I caved. He received his last round of MMR and others at the age of 4. Within one month after the vaccines, he regressed, severely. He lost toileting progress, sleep problems, speech delays, behavior issues, the list could go on forever. Is it my fault? Maybe. I now research everything and don't trust most doctors. At the time, my daughter(my youngest) was born a preemie and the middle son was going through the regression and falling into a world of autistic behavior I couldn't stop. I ceased all vaccines and haven't looked back. My daughter is TOTALLY autism free. I really don't care what people think of me. I have battled the "bad mother" syndrome long enough. By that I mean fighting schools, doctors and family who think I should still vaccinate my kids after everything I have been through. Unless someone wants to move in and care for my children 24/7 and pay for the outrageous medical bills we have, they should probably just hold their opinion on me being a bad mom for choosing not to vaccinate.
In my journey, I have also come to a conclusion. Many of us parents fall into the vaccination hoax because we are told it is for the best. We are forced by the state, the federal government and the doctors to vaccinate no matter what. I also believe that God gives us what we need for our lives here on earth if we will just trust in Him. Maybe it strengthened my faith more. If I had trusted more in God, less in the government and medical community, things would be different. Now that I have them the way they are, I would never trade that. But sometimes I wonder how different their lives would be if I had said no. I struggle with this everyday. Just be careful and pray to do the right thing.


elena maria vidal said...

You are a wonderful mother. It is difficult to know what to do when doctors are pressuring us. We are taught to trust our doctors. I wish I had refused to have my child vaccinated, too.

FloridaWife said...

I'm so sorry that your first two were affected the way they were. Now they have to live with autism (and so do you). Your story has been an eye-opener for me ever since I started reading your blog.

I didn't know about the eczema by the way. I had this as a child.

And you are a GREAT mother.