Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An error in translation perhaps?

Fr. Z.'s site has been up and down all day, I'm sure its a matter of exceeding bandwidth. I have it open now so I can comment on some info with the translation from Latin to English. Apparently, the English translator took the liberty to change the words:

Latin: exceptis lectionibus, homilia et oratione fidelium, aequum est ut huiusmodi celebrationes fiant lingua Latina.

(which "aequum est" translated mean "it is reasonable, proper, right")

Now here is the translators translation to English:

English: with the exception of the readings, the homily and the prayer of the faithful, such liturgies could be celebrated in Latin.

Hmm. Me thinks someone was trying to kick out of importance a very strong statement from this exhortation.

Proper credit must be given to Fr. John Zuhlsdorf and his commenter for catching this bad translation. Hopefully his blog will be back up soon. He is truly a wise and holy man.

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