Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cardinal Mahony and a funny chat moment.

On March 2nd, Cardinal Mahony engaged in a chat session with 7th and 8th grade children from St. Rita's School. Here is an amusing excerpt:

Madeline P.: If you became pope what would you change your name to?

Sean A.: not me

Cardinal Mahony: I'm not going to become pope, so I don't worry about a name!!

That just struck me as funny. Here is another one:

Ross W.: If you could make any changes to the catholic church what changes would you make? and why?

Cardinal Mahony: Actually, I am more interested in focusing on Jesus Christ, his teachings and example, and our need to make the Church reflect those more fully. That's a high priority for me.

And then, don't miss this one on sacred music:

Cardinal Mahony: There is a lot of great sacred music out there these days!

Jillian J.: Have you ever heard the song Somebodys Knocking at your door?

Alex H.: yes, there is

Meg P: I like "Seeds Scattered and Sown"

Cardinal Mahony: Jillian, yes!

Cardinal Mahony: Meg, another good hymn!

Madeline P.: we sing that a lot at our masses

Carolyn H.: We will have to sing them for you sometime

Cardinal Mahony: How about "Who let the dogs out?"

Madeline P.: ya

Jillian J.: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael N: o yeah!!1

katy t.: i love it

Carolyn H.: Classic!

Michael N: !!

Sean A.: That's a good one

katy t.: a classic

Madeline P.: whoo hoo

(Now, correct me if I am wrong but wasn't "Somebody's Knockin at Your Door" a Wings tune from the 70's? Am I off or just showing my age? Maybe it was "Somebody's Knockin at THE Door"...)

Here is the link to the transcript for you to peruse:

Transcript of online session with Cardinal Roger Mahony and students from St. Rita's School
Friday, March 2, 2007


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You should be able to insert these codes in the template where it allows html. Hope this helps!

Ma Beck said...

You're thinking of "Someone's Knocking at the Door"...
Somebody ringin' the bell...