Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Trapped in Cincinnati

(Photo credit) A view of what the rush hour streets looked like here. They called off school an hour early and it still took 1.5 hrs to get home because we couldn't take the back roads which were not treated. So we are all hunkered down and watching the snow pile out our window. The kids and I prayed the entire way home. With bad tires on the van and untreated streets, it truly was a miracle. I drove off into an area above a creek and none of the usual tricks worked to stop the van from veering way off course, almost into the creek. I'm so thankful to be home with the family but seems cabin fever has struck after just a few hours with the five of us trapped here. We watched this weeks episode of 24 before dinner. Seems the actor that played Babe's owner(yes, the pig) is the evil father of Jack Bauer this season. The interrogation episodes are always so hard to watch.

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