Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A thorn without a home

I have been blogging lately on our "roman" ways on Sundays and I found I am not the only one. Many parishioners from our church have been trying to find a home and a place to go to a LAF(liturgical abuse free) Mass. I have been seeing many of them at the same Masses I go to around the diocese. I am not an advocate of church shopping nor do I think it best to move a family from one parish to another every Sunday. I think a parish is somewhere that should feel welcoming and be the center of your life as a family. Right now I do not know where I will be Holy Week. I look forward to it all year and I am disgusted this year not knowing where my family will be. I will stay and put my tithing into my parish where my children go to school.

I don't feel welcome there and if I wanted "just another liberal Catholic parish" there are plenty to choose from in our diocese. Our church was different. Not anymore. They are stripping away most of what was right, holy, sacred and different about our parish. When it comes to the souls of my husband and my children, I cannot let them monkey with the liturgy, with dogmas of our faith and the liturgical music while I sit idly by and do nothing. I am a firm believer that I will be held accountable for what I did and didn't do in this life. I see boys at our parish that had a vocation to the priesthood that are now moving on and don't want to bother with it anymore. It upsets me that my son who was so excited to serve has lost interest and isn't put on the server schedule. I know the music will be taking a nosedive because we have a new director that has no interest in preserving the traditional music our parish was known for. So this morning, I am sad and maybe venting a bit. On the positive side, my middle son is doing very well in school. When you are forced into a parish that is becoming "protestant", you no longer take your faith for granted. I am clinging to it for dear life. The Catholic faith is truly a gift but do not let a weak/liberal parish take that gift from you. It is really all that matters in this world. Sorry for the emotional post, it has apparently been a long time coming. Dear Jesus, send us holy priests and bishops.

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