Friday, February 2, 2007

NFL out of bounds.

The NFL is sticking it's nose in church business. Why? Because an Indy church planning a Super Bowl Bash received an overnight letter stating that the "Super Bowl Bash" on their website violated copyright laws. Here is my favorite part:

"How absurd!" he said of the NFL's stance. "... Maybe churches should get a copyright on the NFL's use of such terms as 'Sunday,' 'Saints' and 'Hail Mary Pass.' Every time a player points heavenward, goes down on one knee, or shows the sign of the cross after a touchdown, maybe the cheerleaders should pass the offering plate.

"Let's charge the NFL for hyping the personal faith of the respective head coaches for the Bears and Colts. Perhaps we should be reimbursed for the loss of income that churches sustain from members who attend Super Bowl activities."

This wouldn't be the first time the NFL bullied someone into submission. They take their copyrights dead serious. Also, the rule about "not having mass viewings of games on screens bigger than 55 inches" Wow. Go team.

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FloridaWife said...

I don't understand all these rules. My husband has been giving them to me in little drips (since he pays WAY more attention to football than me). No cell phones at the stadium? You can't tailgate within a mile of the stadium -- what if you live within a mile, you can't have a BBQ in you backyard? I understand the security concerns...

Hey, and how about the game being at 6:30??? That's a bit late in the day for me, especially having to go to work the following morning.