Monday, February 19, 2007

Liturgy in State of Emergency

It is a busy day here with the children home for President's Day. I stole some time away reading in detail an amazing essay by Father James Farfaglia called Priest: Catholic liturgy is in 'state of emergency'. This article sums up what many of us have been feeling and gave some insight into the American state of the liturgy. He is right on breaking our Church here in the US into 3 groups:

Unfortunately, shortly after the close of the council, the liturgical reforms the council set in motion have been upset by ignorance, misinterpretation, and even infidelity. The liturgy in America has become an ongoing battle between three groups of Catholics.

One group rejects the Missal of Pope Paul VI. Another group has misconstrued the liturgical norms of the missal and continues to spread errors and abuses that have nothing to do with the liturgy. Yet another group attempts to show the importance and beauty of the liturgical changes brought about by the council through a delicate fidelity to all the liturgical norms of the Church.

Those who reject the liturgical changes of the council and maintain a rigid adherence to the Tridentine Missal of Pope Pius V need to understand that the Missal of Pope Paul VI is not a divergence from liturgical tradition.
(credit to Matt C. Abbott for this article)
I agree with our him in that our Holy Father understands the state of the liturgy and the abuses found within. It is not a matter of what will he do about it and how swiftly will he act? The rumblings of uniting with SSPX and now this morning, the Anglican Church is looking toward unification with Rome, it is really overwhelming. Something is surely afoot and I have to be thankful to live during a time where exciting events are about to unfold in the Church. Read this essay. Its full of invaluable insight and a keen sense of spiritual awareness.

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