Monday, February 19, 2007

Her autistic brothers

An article in the NY Times was published over the weekend called Her Autistic Brothers about a 14 year old girl with twin autistic brothers who are 16. It is of interest to me because my youngest daughter will be in this position some day. One aspect of this relationship is that my normal daughter is much more mature and caring than other girls her age. We often call her "mommy junior". She looks after her older brothers, keeps tabs on them and makes sure to report to me if they attempt something dangerous or bothersome.
In other news, a study is now linking chromosome 11 to families with multiple autistic siblings. I would need to look into this further because I truly believe that my boys vaccinations caused the onset of autism. My middle boy was totally typical, sunny, funny and hitting all the milestones prior to his 4 yr MMR. One month after, he regressed drastically. Lost toileting, became non-verbal, showing apathy, it devastated us to watch this before our eyes. My youngest normal girl has no autistic symptoms and will turn 6 this week. She was not vaccinated after her newborn vaccines. If the government has funded this "chromosome 11" research, it has to be flawed. Even the pharmaceutical industry cannot be trusted with a non-biased study. Because I have seen how similar mercury poisoning and autistic symptoms are, I am convinced this is what happened. You can even call it mercury poisoning. I really don't care. But it is not a problem that is going away and I predict an increase over the next 10 years because our government has this pharma-vaccine love fest when it comes to our children. Inoculating our most vulnerable members of society with toxic levels of heavy metals and disease is nothing but insanity. Then toss in the origin of aborted fetus cells to some of the vaccine lines on the market and it makes any loving and informed parent cringe. It seems I have entered into another rant but this one is well informed and close to my heart. The best thing you can do for your children, besides making them little Catholic citizens, is researching vaccines and the effects on children's both immediate and long-term. That is my seed of wisdom for the day.

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elena maria vidal said...

Yes, I agree with you about the vaccines. Totally.