Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Edwards has no backbone

After reading some of this garbage, I felt in necessary to bring this issue to light. John Edwards has hired these anti-Catholic bloggers for his campaign. This link contains graphic total Catholic bashing so please consider this before clicking through. Not only are they anti-Catholic, they are anti-Christian and I hope this man(Edwards) never gets past a primary. He didn't have the guts to fire the bloggers as shown in this article, A Blogger for Edwards Resigns After Complaints so she is screaming "victim" and resigns. Kack. As many problems as I see within the Republican party, this is a glaring example of why I could never be a Democrat. Have a backbone, stand for something and get some dang morals! I dread the next election. If Mrs. Bill gets elected, we are doomed. Oh, and may I add that The Washington Post misspelled Bill Donohue's name? What the heck?

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