Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rosary hoochie-mama unmentionables. Unreal.

Who says anti-Catholicism is dead? It's alive and well and living in the UK(why am I not surprised?) Check out this line from hoochie-mama designer Made by Niki of the UK.
"The Rosary Collection includes a balconette multi-way/strapless bra, chastity belt and knickers with removable Rosary jewelery - all of which is handmade by the designer, Niki McMorrough, who quotes, "The Rosary is an age-old symbol of purity and peace, used for centuries by people seeking instant redemption. I couldn't think of a better place to put one than on this devilishly decadent bra.""

This is much worse than the latest Hollywood trend of wearing the rosary as jewelry. Turns my stomach. Apparently nothing is off-limits and she isn't creative or talented enough to design a line without bottom-feeding on what a large majority of people in the world find sacred. I guess when you run out of ideas and need to make a buck, you will go anywhere to get your next "thing". (Yes, I know we must pray for our enemies)

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FloridaWife said...

Oh no. This is disturbing to hear. AND this is what leads some people to say, "That's why I can't be a Catholic." If they only had the truth.