Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh no...Doomsday. And a boy found.

I can't help but giggle in reading the seriousness of this article. Bulletin of Atomic Scientists actually get paid for researching and following events that change this clock. This reminds me of the scientists that got paid during the 80's by the government to decide if ketchup could be considered a vegetable in school cafeterias. I see how hard I work for a living and it amazes me when people get paid to do odd busy work.

On another note, this story is amazing and almost hard to believe. I'm sure once the media get a hold of the details on this one, it will be difficult as the man could not have been innocent in his kidnapping of these boys. Meaning...the reason for abducting them. I can't imagine the joy the parents feel over his return. I'm sure they thought he was killed by now. A good ending to a long ordeal I'm sure.


FloridaWife said...

I heard about the found boy on the radio early. Wonderful news!!

Jeffrey Smith said...

I always find the latest predictions of scientists ironic. Why? I remember hearing scientists back in the sixties telling us not to worry, science was here and it would solve all our problems.