Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back on HCG

Back on R2P2 of HCG diet. I'm trying to tell myself this is not forever. I'm not going to say that eating 500 calories a day is fun. Before you scold me(haha), you can read about the HCG called Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeon. I feel better, this time I am down 15 lbs, but I have the dbl progesterone and estrodial to deal with(oh, and Femara). I'm not starving just thinking about food more than I should and have told myself it is the hormone supplements. I didn't have that last time.

I recommend the HCG diet if you have thyroid issues or adrenal fatigue. I could not successfully lose weight before this diet. I ate less and worked harder than most and either lost 2 lbs in one month or nothing and sometimes even gained. I think it would be awesome for those with PCOS, too.

So I will see where this cycle ends, hoping for a baby, trying not to be anything but a realist regarding this matter. I am 42, I love babies and children and pray for God's Will. I still hope. I've been scolded for "obsessing over my miscarriages/babies/infertility." I am only here to please God and I have asked God to take this desire away if it is never meant to be. That's about it.


Anonymous said...

I've been scolded for "obsessing" too. Trying to discern now if this desire is from me or God. Tough one.

Sew said...

I'm not scolding girl whatever works...

But I will scold you if your thyroid and adrenals aren't fixed...Because you shouldn't need the HCG if they are.... ;) Don't slap me. ;)