Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cool secret information on classic toys

Frank Lloyd Wright, Oil Heat and Bolivian Cults: The Secrets Behind Your Favorite Toys

Read it, it's fun. Y9u know you need more insane trivia in your head for life.

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AndreaM said...

Hi - off the subject, but I just perused some of your past blogs. (I'm Andrea from, by the way).

Anyway, first may I extend my sorrow for your loss. I just lost my 4th to miscarriage last fall, and I am still suffering it. I have a wonderful spiritual director who helps me to work through it, but I will always feel that loss! I tell you, I will never be as happy in this life as I once was, I find myself yearning for Eternity more than I did before our loss.

Anyway, I noticed you are using the Creighton method - that's awesome. I thought you may be interested to hear about a movie being produced here in Michigan called Tiger's Hope on this subject. Please visit for more info. I am actually helping the producer in promoting this beautiful movie. It is backed by Archbishop Boyea of Lanshing Diocese, and its aim is to teach the truth about Catholic teaching on fertility, offer hope to couples struggling with fertility issues, and hook them up with faithful professionals who can help them.

So - tell your friends! And may God continue to bless your family. (Enjoy your greens - I'm not there yet!!!)